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Sweat Lodge Ceremony

November 27, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

RSVP is required.

This is poured following Lakota traditions. All are welcome as long as come with open/positive mind and respectful heart. No prior experience is necessary. We will give an introductory talk, review some songs and make prayer ties.

This is done with respect and in honor of the traditional ways, to purify, for the promotion and redemption of life and to honor and make relations with grandmother earth and our spiritual life. So, please leave all ego and emotional baggage at home. No one person is more important than the other. This is about community and building relations thru this ceremony only. So, please understand there is no need to bring crystals, energy healing, chanting or any other special gifts to add into this ceremony. We have many other events for those beautiful gifts.

There is no charge for this ceremony, but we will have a bowl set aside for donations if you would like to offer a donation. Any donation goes directly to purchasing materials to support the ceremony and grounds.

Please understand that if this is your first time, part of the teachings of this way of life our respect, patience and generosity. So, there may be several reasons one might be asked to offer support and pray outside the lodge. Additionally, one person will be needed to be the firekeeper. People are also welcome to come observe and support without going into the sweat lodge.

Part of this ceremony is the work we do beforehand to clean and prepare the grounds. So, please show up in work clothes. Don’t worry if you are physically unable to do manual labor. There’s always a way you can help out. If you have a rake, work gloves or other tools, please bring them just in case. There will be time before the ceremony to change into your sweat attire.

To go into the lodge, please bring 1 or two towels and appropriate clothes to wear into lodge. Men should wear shorts and women should have long skirt and shirt covering shoulders. Traditionally, you bring a small tobacco offering for the firekeeper and the intercessor.

CEREMONIAL MEAL: Part of this ceremony is for the community to enjoy a meal after the sweat. Each person should bring something to contribute to this potluck meal. Also, paper wear is always appreciated.

IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS: The address is 15406 Riding Stable rd. Property is at end of 1/2 driveway into the woods. you will drive over a small stream. Please be EXTRA MINDFUL to drive slowly (5 MPH) as to not stir any driveway dust. It is a shared driveway so it’s important to respect our neighbors. Please do not stop to interact with horses.

Please follow us on Facebook (Real Eyes Meditation) in case there are any changes or updates. We normally do not cancel this event due to rain.

COVID RESTRICTIONS: Please do not show up if you have any symptoms. If you can get a negative test beforehand, then great. We do not ask people if they are vaccinated. You are welcome to enter lodge after it gets hot (high temps should neutralize any virus). We pass the ceremonial pipe but people are not smoking it. We give individual cups for drinking water. When appropriate, we are mindful of social distancing. If you have an issue with any of this, we respect your views. We just ask that you respect our approach or respectfully go somewhere else for your ceremony.

With Love & Gratitude. Mitakuye Oyasin


November 27, 2021
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST


Real Eyes Meditation Space
15406 Riding Stable Rd
Laurel, MD 20707 United States
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