Soul Template

Understanding your Soul’s Transformation during our Cycle of Rebirth



Your Soul Template is a 10-15 page report, which includes all the following:


The Soul Template’s purpose is to give your Individual Soul the opportunity to:

1.    Contemplate and Realize your spark of divinity within

a.     To help achieve this work, certain Personal/Karmic Lessons are set before you.

b.    These Lessons help you to hone your true loving vibration.


Contemplate and Express your Soul’s Purpose.

a.     As you harmonize with this Loving vibration, you awaken to your Soul Purpose

b.    Your Soul Purpose helps you transition from personal concerns to Loving Service.



We are at an important crossroads for humanity. As we learn to consciously tap into the source of life, we gain insight into the true meaning to life as well as how we might fit into it.  This awakening to  our Soul Purpose can be deeply profound and transformative, and learning to Express our Soul Purpose allows us to experience a new sense of fulfilment.


To support this mission, we have invested a decade and thousands of hours of intensive studies to develop this Soul Template. With a database of over 210,000 Soul Templates and an additional several hours to customize your Soul Template, you are provided special insights designed to empower you to reach your highest potential.


 Understanding how Your Soul Template will Support You:

Each of us begins this life with some karmic baggage. This represents balance that is still needed for us to learn all of our PersonalLessons”.  To work through these Lessons, we each carry certain gifts with us known as PersonalAttributes“, “Biases“, and “Hindrances“. These give us a specific lens through which to operate and perceive life’s experiences. 


As we work through our Lessons and develop our emotional bodies, we begin to realize there exists a divine spark in each one of us, and we each have a Soul Purpose to express, which is aligned within a divine plan.


Soul Template Outline:


1.    Karmic/Personal Lesson: Each of us has Personal Lessons to work through in our life.  Using astrological influences and intuitive guidance, one or two of your Personal Lessons are specifically identified.  Personal Lessons are ways to emotionally develop as you learn the wisdom of Love. Your Specific Lessons are also a steppingstone to realize your Soul Purpose


1.1.   Personality Essentials:  Several key components are provided to help you consciously recognize and work on in order to help you navigate your Lesson.


1.2.    Karmic Guidance: Valuable insights to help guide you through your Personal Lessons as you progress towards your Soul Purpose.


2.    Soul Purpose:  As we work on our Lessons throughout many lifetimes, there comes a point when your Soul Purpose becomes clear.  The Soul Purpose illuminates the way for each individual Soul to come closer to realizing its essential divinity.  As such, you begin to answer the age-old questions of, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”. Only then can you tap in a sense of fulfillment and living a purpose-driven life that is bigger than any one individual, desire or concern.


2.1.  Soul Vision (What?): This gives you a broad view of what your Soul Purpose looks like.


2.2.  Soul Mission (How?):  This provides action-oriented guidance on “how” your Soul Vision and Purpose might be achieved.


2.3.  Soul Aim:  This gives some strategic direction, which helps to align your Soul Mission with your Soul Vision in order to accomplish your Soul Purpose.  


2.4.  Soul Way: This helps chart your life path for you.

2.4.1. Realization Path from Personality Development to Higher Self: These statements help you to develop a stronger connection with your true self. 

2.4.2. Expression Path from Community Development to Soul Family:  These statements help you to develop a stronger connection with others in your community.  

2.4.3. Relationship Path from Intelligent Development to Spiritual IntuitionThese statements help you to transition from human intellectual consciousness to you spiritual Intuition consciousness.


3.     Medicine Bundle:  Your Medicine Bundle is a toolkit you can carry with you to help experience life in a conscious way.  It enables you to identify which tools you have that can materially impact your Lessons and Purpose. This helps you to keep a broad Vision while working day to day.


3.1.  KeyNotes to Support your Life Path:  These words are essential ingredients to remember, which will help you progress towards your Soul Purpose.

3.2.  Personal Attributes during your Life Path:  In each lifetime, you are gifted with a couple Attributes that will help you navigate through this lifetime. 


3.3.  Personal Biases during your Life Path:  In each lifetime, you are gifted with a couple Biases that are important to understand if you are to achieve a balanced perspective.  


3.4.  Personal Hindrances to Release:  In each lifetime, there are a few items that limit or hinder your progress. As such, we assist by naming a key fear, desire and limitation to release. 


3.5.  Soul Contemplation:  This allows you to look at things from seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum.  The key is to contemplate this from many angles, perspectives and experiences; both real and imaginary.  All circumstances offer an opportunity to learn and share Love.   


3.6.  Meditative Balance PointsThese give you meditative mantras and some parameters to work within and to meditate upon as you walk your Path


3.7.  Supporting Crystal:  We will recommend a specific crystal that resonates with your Soul Purpose.  This way, you always have a feeling of support as you walk your Path.  


Customized Soul Template Cost:


This rate is based on a sliding scale to help make it affordable for all.  It is also includes a highly discounted rate
on future consultations to encourage people to build momentum and get serious about their life path. 




1-on-1 Consultation



$1/min (normally $1.60/min)



$1.50/min (normally $2/min)



$2/min (normally $2.50/min)



(normally $3.50/min)

 Please note that due to high demand and the amount of time it takes to create a Soul Template, there is a $50 deposit due before work will begin. 


To request your Soul Template, please e-mail  In the e-mail,
please include your full name, date of birth and permission for us to intuitively tune into your Soul chart.


After you review your customized Soul Template*, you can decide if you want to take our support a step
further by requesting one-on-one intuitive consultation/guidance or can join us at one of our group classes, which offers a wide range of supportive interactive studies in our community setting. 

Please note the purchase of your Soul Template is a prerequisite to a personal consultation.  For a personal consultation, a minimum of one hour must be purchased in advance of your consultation.  Following your consultation, you will be credited back or billed further, depending on the length of your consultation.


*As you review and apply your Soul Template, we encourage you to maintain a healthy balance of a skeptic with an open mind and heart. While your Soul Template is comprehensive and the result of much effort and dedication, we are nonetheless working within the constraints of our own limitations while trying to make sense of the vast and mysterious expanse of Universal Wisdom.  Therefore, please understand this information is just scratching the surface and attempting to provide a foundational footprint for you to begin your journey.  Given each Soul has the gift of free will, it is your choice as to how you apply this information and how hard you work to transform. Ultimately, the responsibility and accountability for this solely rest in your hands. 

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