Crystal Bowls Meditation

The human being is a Sound Poem; made up of colors and tones, which rotate and spiral around in our own electromagnetic energetic field which some call an Aura. Because we are essentially a ball of energy embodied with water, sound waves impact every nook and cranny of our being. 

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The key is to find a way to Harmonize our energetic field while experiencing the ups and downs of our daily lives. Yet, it’s easy to become unbalanced through natural unharmoneous stresses, discomforts and pains of life while also being bombarded with random noises and other manmade stressors such as cell phones, LED lights and television.   

Sound Therapy works with the principle that specific sounds will Resonate with specific organs, energy centers and states of being. By introducing specific healing tones to your body, you are given a chance to heal and find optimal vibrations through the law of resonance. This law states that when one energetic system encounters another similar system, their vibrations must come into a state of resonance or harmonic vibration.  

Crystal bowls are unique in sound healing as they produce ‘pure tones’. Through the Alignment of our bodies with these Sacred Sounds, our cells have the opportunity to realize their highest potential resonance. As such, many people come to experience a Crystal Bowl Meditation as a way  to get a quick “tune-up” each week so they can once again resonate with their own perfection. Many have described as Transforming themselves from things such as uncontrolled boxed in thoughts, dense and suppressed feelings and being separated in fear to realizing a sense of Clarity, Stability, Wellness and a sense of Oneness with all of life 

Our Vision at Real Eyes Meditation is to offer at least one in-person Group Crystal Bowl Meditation (a.k.a “Sound Bath”) each week. You are invited to come join us. Namaste.