Mindfulness & Buddhism

Buddhism is a practice; not a religion. It offers a way to approach your inner and outer life so that it may be more fully experienced with your entire being. Through an understanding of the Four Noble Truths, we begin to sense how we can transmute our lives from being ruled by such things as impulsive desires, attachment, materialism and suffering into a more profound knowledge guided by concepts such as aspiration, intuition, intellect and inspiration.  By seeking to apply the Noble Eightfold Pathwe begin to realize how we can best express ourselves to feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose. 

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Mindfulness is a meditation technique, which enables the user to gain a clearer Relationship with ourself and others.  The primary initial goal of Mindfulness is to Focus the Mind so that we are not jumping uncontrollably from one random thought to another. This is typically done by inviting each practioner to Concentrate the Mind on a specific item such as your breath or one of your senses. This practice eventually leads to many profound insights. We discover our Mind can be used as a higher tool to take back conscious control of our brain and body as well as our reactions to our senses and other stimili.   Through this this steady effort to hold our Focus, we begin to appreciate we are not what we perceive as there is a subtle difference to be noticed between the Thinker, the thought and the thing thought of.  Eventually, our dedicated relationship with Meditation and Contemplation leads to a discovery of our Spirit within waiting to release our true Potential. 

Our Vision at Real Eyes Meditation is to offer at least one in-person Mindfulness and Buddhism Meditative experience each week. You are invited to come join us. Namaste.