While humans naturally rely on their physical senses to interact with the world, we often limit our experiences by then attaching and identifying ourselves with our sense perceptions. This results in creating an illusion which separates us from a much more profound existence; one based on a concrete reality. Yet, we have an instinctual drive moving us forward through evolution which eventually bring us to a point that we realize the material world cannot quench this thirst. This is often when we begin to open ourselves up to considering deeper questions about the Universe and our purpose in it. Yet, the energetic Universe is based on abstract principles in which we must devise ways to communicate if we want to build a bridge to the infinite possibilities of what might exist.

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To do this, we must begin to contemplate how this might be done when the language of the universe is built on sacred geometry, music and astronomy. For many people, this starting point begins with symbology and finding a way to resonate with what’s out there, whether you call it divinity, energy matrix, spirits, angels, etc.  

Tarot offers us a tool to explore this connection by use of symbology consisting of whatever the imagination might add into a chosen instrument. Most tend to use a deck of cards which are inscribed with words, images, colors and/or numbers. A tarot deck can be a generically themed deck, or it can be designed with a specific theme in mind (e.g. oracle, healing, etc). The meanings should however resonate with the creator and the user(s). Most importantly, the person(s) using the Tarot deck should bring an open (skeptical is fine) mind and a positive attitude. As such, Tarot can be a fun and exciting interactive way to directly interact with the Universe in a way that is specifically related to you and your experience in some meaningful way.   

We currently have the following Tarot Decks that can be used during a one on one Tarot consultation*: 

  1. Soul Template– See Soul Template page.  
  2. Soul Lesson– Incorporating both Tarot and Astrology, this deck helps us discover core choices we made prior to incarnation. Whether we realize it or not, each of us is walking along our Evolutionary Path, which is taking us (in Time and Space) closer to Creation (a.k.a Universal Love or Oneness). Before we are born, we sit with our Soul Family to see which ways we might be able to add to our being to become more whole.  These core Soul Lessons are like choosing to take a couple of courses in college. The only difference is that we are also given the gifts of separation, free will and a forgetting so that our Individual Souls are not unduly influenced.  It is one thing to conceptualize how you might be, it is a whole different thing to put these thoughts into action through difficult earthly situations. This deck helps to identify the Soul Lessons you desire to experience in this life time.   
  3. Oracle– This Tarot Deck enables you to ask a specific question to get some guiding support for the present moment or for the near future. It’s important to remember that when dealing with future events, we are dealing with current predispositions.  By analogy, this is quite similar to having a genetic predisposition. You might be born with a predisposition to have a certain ailment later in life, but this does not mean it is a certainty. Similarly, when looking into the future, we are essentially getting an energetic feeling based on the energy you are currently attracting in your energetic environment. As such, If you, or others close to you, later change your energetic field of attraction in some essential way, then your future is also changing.  
  4. Career choice– This Tarot Deck can be a great supporting resource for those trying to decide which profession or industry to work. Often times, people closely relate their identities with what they do. Thus, this can be one of the most important decisions a person faces in their lifetime.  
  5. Career Direction This Tarot Deck is designed to help those who are in a career but trying to decide whether to stay and be patient, stay and take action or to switch industries, professions or careers.  This can also help if trying to decide about making a physical move.  
  6. Giving back– often times, people are comfortable in their careers, however there looking for a way to give back in a meaningful way that might have no correlation to their profession. This Tarot Deck helps others to connect and discover the power of giving; whether such is in support of their community, humanity, earth, the animal kingdom, etc. 
  7. Connect with Self– This is a relationship deck to help the user connect with their inner subjective world. Some people, especially extroverts and those that like to stay busy, rarely find time to connect with themselves and can be quite uneasy with stillness or silence.  This deck aids in giving specific approaches that might resonate and give actual next steps. That way, the user can have specific advice and do more than just contemplate.   
  8. Connect with Others– This is a relationship deck to help the user connect with the outside objective world. Often times, people have lots of superficial or passing relationships, however they feel they are lacking a more profound relation with a specific person or anyone at all.  This deck aids in giving specific, actionable steps to guide you as you seek to connect with others.  
  9. Connect with Spirit– This is a relationship deck to help the user connect with the Spirit World and/or your Higher Self. Many people desire a more profound connection with spirt or want to get to know themselves on a deeper level and can even become envious of others who seem to be blessed with such skills.  Others have had Spiritual flashes that are profound beyond words and then chase after such moments without a sound direction or control.  It’s important to remember that given we all possess a spark of creation inside of us, our connection with such is as unique as our personalities and Evolutionary Paths. Thus, what works well for one person might not work for you at all. Therefore, this deck helps you to answer the question for yourself in a much more specific and profound way. This Tarot Deck also provides actionable steps so you can build a habit through a specific practice; thus building your own unique connection with the Spirit World and your Higher Self. 
  10. Healing– This Tarot Deck offers you a way to energetically heal; which could then benefit your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body.  To use this deck doesn’t require you to have a specific named ailment or to suggest that you forego all rational thinking or abandon medical treatments.  In fact, it is always better to utilize this deck much sooner. That way, you can be dealing with causes rather than effects. As such, this Tarot Deck is primarily about discovering a sense of wholeness without limitations; both inside and out. It’s important to realize Each of us has the power to heal ourselves from within if we can just attune ourselves to a Loving vibration and align our being with our Soul Purpose and Divine Plan. There are of course limitless ways that people discover healing. This deck offers the opportunity to see through all of this clutter to discover specific approaches, which most resonate with your being.   
  11. Soul Blockages– just as we are all born with a set of Soul Aptitudes, Gifts and Lessons, we also carry certain energetic blockages that need awareness, understanding, balancing and acceptance.  Often, these are hard to consciously recognize as they might seem a core foundation of our being. Similarly, others might shy away from pointing these out in a meaningful way as it’s often difficult to comfortably identify such negative traits. However, our body works on an intelligent design.  Thus, if such dense lower vibrations are left unchecked, they will eventually manifest in physical pains and ailments, which also resonate to the same vibration as this trait.  This Tarot Deck helps to consciously identify these Soul Blockage , which is one of the first steps in healing and aligning yourself with your higher purpose. 

If you would like to schedule a Tarot or Astrological reading, please email us at Events@RealEyesMeditation.com.  The cost for an in-person Tarot consultation is $25 per 15 minutes.  

*Our goal in the near future is to provide these Tarot Decks for online use and to also make them available in our store.  If you have any interest  or would like to suggest a newly created Tarot Deck or theme, please send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.  – Namaste