Our Philosophy & Approach:
Daily Meditations

Our Philosophy is that Meditation is the best and most efficient way to:
  1. Hone and Heal the energetic core, which influences health and vitality;
  2. Improve emotional intellect and clarity of vision;
  3. Bring stability and control to environments; 
  4. Enhance personal experiences and relationships; and
  5. Develop a profound sense of self and live with a meaningful purpose.

Upcoming Events

Further, rather than being primarily a hard process focused on rituals or a specific one-size fits all approach, we believe Mediation is ultimately a Relationship Tool. As such, it is more about finding a way to comfortably enjoy personal time and space with yourself.  Whatever the Meditation technique, this sets the foundation for you to then engage life and all of its rich experiences and relationships in a deeper and positive manner.  
While any one Meditation can have a beneficial impact, to truly appreciate the value of Meditation, one should build towards a practice of Meditating at least 20 minutes each day.
Our Approach is to offer a wide range of Meditation experiences facilitated by a diverse group of individuals so you can have the opportunity to discover which Meditation relationship best resonates with you.  As our community continues to evolve, our goal is to offer at least one meditation each weeknight and a few times throughout the weekend. Please check our calendar for specific events or email us to request a specific event.  For a description of various specific types of Meditations or Sound Baths, go to the specific page on our website. 
  1. Time
    1. Labyrinths, Gardens and Outside Individual Mediation Station. These are open to the public for individual use during daylight hours.  
    2. Weekdays at 7pm.  We will seek to offer a Daily Group Meditation each weeknight beginning at 7pm and typically ending by 8:30pm.
    3. Weekends.  We will offer various meditation events each weekend. Please check our calendar of Events for specific times. 
  2. Price. The price of our Meditations will depend on the event and the person hosting it; however it will typically range from free (asking for a donation) to $30 per event.  
  3. What to Bring. While there are some pillows, blankets, chairs, etc. available, you are encouraged to bring whatever meditations props might enhance your enjoyment while also respecting the same for others.  
  4. Location. All Meditation events are located at 13554 Triadelphia Road, Ellicott City Md 20142. Meditations will be held either in the inside loft or outside in one of our tents, tipis or labyrinths.
  5. Rules.
    1. No Electronic Devices. Given we are located on Sacred Grounds, we have a strict policy of NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES.  so please keep your cell phones and other electronic devices in your vehicle or turned OFF. 
    2. Shoes.  If the meditation is offered in the upstairs loft of the church, you are asked to take off your shoes.
    3. Behavior.  While we seek to embrace a diverse range of persons, viewpoints and cultures, we are guided by principles of Respect, Open Mindedness, Acceptance and Support of one another and our Sacred Grounds. Thus, any person who has chosen to cross these boundaries will be asked to leave the premises.