Labyrinths and Walking Meditations

Labyrinths have been a part of human development for thousands of years and can be found at many ancient ruins as well as religious landmarks. While there are many versions of a Labyrinth, they all tend to have the qualities of only one path to take from beginning to end (differentiating it from a maze), an enclosed path within a relatively confined area and a symmetrical or mirrored layout when viewed from various sides. The walkways are typically outlined by a natural material such as stones, plants or bushes. 

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Labyrinth offers the individual many subtle gifts. It begins with making a Choice (deciding to enter) and setting an Intention. Upon entering the Labyrinth, the idea is to simply Focus on putting one foot in front of the other. There is no wrong turns to take or further choices. Thus, it enables the person to attain a One-pointed focus as they proceed with the Walking Mediation.  The design and layout of a Labyrinth offer many subtle energetic teachings and occult meanings, waiting for the individual with a Clear Mind and Heart to discover that lurking in the shadows of their subconscious.  As a person walks a Labyrinth, there are analogies to a person working their way through the subtle worlds of Evolution and the inner worlds of Potential.  When the center of a Labyrinth is reached, duality become one as they realize they are simultaneously at the center of creation and yet one with all of it.  This is the time to have your questions answered or to Express your truest desires for the Universe to respond.  

The symbology of a Labyrinth is said to be that of Transformation. Thus, in this era of evolutionary shifts, the mere walking of a Labyrinth can be quite moving for a person because our bodies are unconsciously conditioned to respond to stimulus which resonate with our Intelligent Purpose. Moreover, it important to remember that even basic shapes carry energetic vibrations, and Sacred Geometry is one of the building blocks of our Universe. Thus, a well-designed Labyrinth embedded with Intelligent Design offers a Meditator the symbolic doorway to Abstract Truth just waiting to be consciously revealed.  

We invite you to walk and experience our Labyrinths and gardens any day of the week; during daylight hours.  They are free to use, and if you feel so inclined, please consider making a donation however you seem fit. Please just remember these are Sacred Grounds. Thus, we ask for you to come with an Open and Respectful Heart, and please leave your cell phones in your car. Namaste