Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation & Sound Therapy

Singing bowls are a type of floor “resting” gong. The earliest date back 5,000 years to the time of Mesopotamia. Most bowls found today originate from central Asia to Japan.  Tibetan Singing Bowls combine  many metals in their craftmanship; consecrated as a representative of our heavenly body: Gold (Sun), Silver (Moon), Mercury (Mercury), Copper (Venus), Iron (Mars), Tin (Jupiter) and Lead (Saturn). Traditionally, the use of Singing Bowls, Bells, Cymbals, drums, Tingshaws and Conch offered individual monks a Path to Liberation 

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During China’s occupation of Tibet, great effort has been made to wipe out this ancient esoteric knowledge; the secrets long protected in the monasteries tucked high away high in Himalaya Mountains.  From their magical yet secluded homeland, monks realized the only way to assure the survival of these precious gifts was to reveal them to the World.   So, they disguised their singing bowls as common eating bowls, etc. to safely make passage via ancient trade routes.   

Tibetan Singing Bowls offer us a Tool of Transformation; a technique to Illuminate the seeds of Dharma. With Practice and Relationship, our Mind becomes responsive to our Soul, our emotional nature submits to our higher Intuition and we begin to embody creative willpower.  With the calming and meditative sounds of singing bowls, we more easily focus the mind and body in harmonic resonance to realize states of bliss and inner peace.   

Our Vision at Real Eyes Meditation is to offer at least one in-person Group Singing Bowl Meditation each week. You are invited to come join us. Namaste.