Our Philosophy & Approach:
Meditation Gardens

Too often, individuals resist the practice of Meditation for one of the following reasons:

    1. They are intimidated by the words “meditation” or “prayer”; 

    2. They have an incorrect or incomplete view of the practice;

    3. They have the belief they cannot focus or sit still long enough; or 

    4. They set a low priority on fitting a Meditation practice into their schedules.  

To help alleviate some of these barriers to entry, we offer a wide range of Meditation approaches. This includes:

         1. Individual or group meditations;

         2. Self-initiated or guided with a diverse range of practitioners;

         3. Stationary or active moving meditations; and

         4. Diverse range of specific times or walk-ins.

Like any new habit, the goal is to encourage a way for someone to embrace a new Meditation practice for three weeks. By this time, the person should have the foundations to build a healthy habit of daily Meditation and the motivation and means to re-prioritize Meditation given the many realized benefits. 

Further, the layout of our outdoor space is on Sacred Grounds, which offers an enhanced feeling of support when beginning a new relationship with Meditation. Our Meditation ground/gardens consists of various (current and upcoming) environments such as:

         1.      Gardens: (organic vegetable, medicinals, herbs, flowers, fairy, zen sand, etc)

         2.      Labyrinths: (traditional and other walking meditations)

         3.      Individual Meditation Stations. Amongst others, there are individual areas for developing a relationship via  other supporting interactions such as prayer, sound therapy, crystals, sense isolation, mantras, mudras, colors, sacred geometry, altars, emotional healing, water, fire, etc

      There is no charge for individual use of the Meditation spaces listed above. It is just asked that if you enjoy your time invested here, you consider giving a contribution so we can continue to build value and support our community.  There are also other outdoor events spaces available, which are only open when scheduled in advance. These consists of (current and upcoming):

         1.      Native American Tipi (24’diameter): Ideal for mid sized classes or meditations and fire ceremonies.

         2.      Pavilion Deck with overhead tent (20’x30”): Ideal for larger classes/meditations, Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong.

         3.     Bell Tent Cabana (16’ diameter): Ideal for one on one consultations, counseling or readings.

         4.      Imperial Healing Tent (12×20): Two individual spaces ideal for healing practices, massage, acupuncture, reiki, etc.

         5.      Sweat lodge and Vision Tipi:  These are used for sacred native american ceremonies

         6.      Ceremony and Education stage: Ideal for outdoor (open air) classrooms and small ceremonies such as a wedding.

      If you are interested in any of the above events, please check our calendar or contact us via email if interested in setting up your own one-time or ongoing event. Namaste